Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Always improving

The School of St Jude is enjoying the professional input from two American teacher-educators funded by the Smith Foundation. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Amy and Freda visited the School in November-December 2006 and ran an intensive training exercise for the staff. Their work was wide-ranging and included curriculum development as well as class room techniques.

Amy and Freda with the Leadership Team, Nov 2006

I see that these two educators will be visiting St Judes again in March 2007, to build on the work already started.

Like everyone who comes in contact with the School, Amy and Freda have returned home on fire with enthusiasm for the great work the school is doing. Amy says –

In addition to my sponsorship of Bilal, in the month I have been home, five friends here in America have also signed on to sponsor children at the school, a blessing for these little ones who have such great need and such big dreams. Thanks to everyone for your support! If you are interested in finding out what is involved in sponsorship for a St Judes child, you can visit their website: www.schoolofstjude.co.tz - or - you can send me a message or give me a call.

You can keep in touch with their enthusiasm and activities at Amy's blog.

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