Sunday, January 14, 2007

Teacher Training

The School of St Jude aims for excellence and works hard to ensure that teaching standards are high. In a country that has been starved of resources for education, it is a challenge to find enough well-trained teachers to meet the demands of the rapidly growing school.

Heads of Department, 2006

In December 2006, the school employed 37 Tanzanian + 12 foreign + 8 teaching assistants. The school rewards the Tanzanian teachers with good salaries and a bonus scheme for initiative and exceptionally high standards of work. Foreign teachers work on a volunteer basis and receive a monthly stipend.

In December 2006 the Smith Family Foundation from the United States granted the school a great gift – the expertise of two education experts who spent three weeks in December with the teaching staff working on leadership skills and innovative teaching techniques.

Teacher training seminar

Mr Florian gives feedback in training seminar

For three weeks from late November to early December, Amy and Freda, two wonderful teacher educators from the USA, gave professional development sessions with teachers and leaders of the school. Everyone absolutely loved the sessions and got a lot out of the visit. Amy and Freda have totally revamped the school’s curriculum, so 2007 will be a challenging year for everyone!

The School is currently seeking volunteer teachers in three fields: primary teaching, art teaching and teacher training. Check out the Teachabroad website for details.

It is quite wonderful to see the comprehensive range of activities carried out by the School of St Jude in its mission to blend the best of Western and Tanzanian instructional methods to instill critical thinking and high moral values in students who will later become the leaders and builders of Tanzania

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