Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2007 see great strides towards meeting the Millenium Development Goals and the Fight against Poverty.

Sydney, as usual, welcomed the New Year with a major fireworks party. One million spectators gathered at hundreds of spots around Sydney Harbour on New Year's Eve to witness the world's biggest ever fireworks display. The $4 million celebrations, dubbed "A Diamond Night in the Emerald City", celebrated the Diamond anniversary of the Harbour Bridge, which celebrates its 75th birthday in March.

Fireworks on Sydney Harbour. Source: Sydney Morning Herald

I tried to stay awake so we could make the half hour drive to a viewing spot I know, but I fell asleep on the couch and Hal went off alone.

I woke this morning to the sound of good soaking rain – an auspicious start to 2007. I hope the five year drought breaks this year. We find ourselves pulled between two opposite thoughts – the hopeful voice says ‘it must rain again sometime!’, while the fearful voice says ‘with global warming, rainfall will drop and the dams will never be full again’.

Are we facing an era of instability and war as countries and communities fight over dwindling water resources? Is this fueling the current war in Ethopia/Somalia? It is hard to see the large patterns when you are right up close. A longer timeframe will make it clearer.

In the meantime, I plug away at doing my bit, making my actions count.

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staceybmonk said...

Hi Gillian!

Happy New Years! In response to your post at, both Sanjay and I are, in fact, headed to Arusha, and will work with local schools, though not St. Jude's. Make sure you check back in, or publish a link to our blog from yours, as our placement begins on January 13. Look forward to hearing further from you!