Friday, January 12, 2007

Birdman of Arusha

Are you into birds? Since marrying Hal, my eyes have been opened to the obsessive qualities of serious birders as they make their lists and learn the subtle (obscure?) identifying features of different species. So, it is no wonder that birds will be an important feature of the visit we plan to make to Arusha later this year.

You can picture my delight at discovering the Birdman of Arusha.

James Wolstencroft, Birdman of Arusha

James Wolstencroft made his first East African safari in 1976 and settled in Tanzania in 2005 with his wife and two sons. He is a lifelong naturalist and very keen birder, whose enthusiasm for all forms of wildlife has encouraged an interest in many others, some of whom have become avid birders.

His website reflects his passion, knowledge and aesthetic appreciation of the natural world, especially birds.

Luckily for us John offers guided tours of all varieties. He says,

In my tours and writing I seek dialogue with nature. Where ecological insight and aesthetic appreciation meet; hopefully generating more rewarding experiences than quick looks and ticks on a list.

I hope that we can spend some time with this remarkable man, in the natural world that he knows so well. Who knows, maybe we will be lucky enough to see the critically endangered Beesley’s Lark – there are only 45 left in the world.

A visit to East Africa can be a richly rewarding experience. We hope to experience the wonders of the natural world, learn about the local people and culture, and make a contribution to the School of St Jude.

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