Thursday, March 08, 2007

Countries of Africa Challenge!

Here's a fun game developed by UC Berkeley students. This website challenges you to name the 53 African countries in 10 minutes. A clock counts down as you type in the names. When you have finished, it posts the names of the countries you omitted.

African Country Countdown

On my first try, I got a miserable 25 countries. I forgot some of the big ones (like Algeria, duh!) but I was pleased to get some unlikely ones. I tried it on my husband and it was fun to see the ones he knew that I missed. And even more fun to see the ones I got that he didn't!

Now I think I'll try a daily challenge. Let's see how long it takes me to learn the names of all the countries in Africa. I'll post my daily tally here – to keep me honest!

Would you like to try it too? Post your daily tally in the comments section. Let's see all our numbers grow. Here's a map of Africa as a reference. As we learn the names of the countries, we can check the map to see where they are, how big they are and what their climate is likely to be.

Map Source: BBC

The School of St Jude is in northern Tanzania, near the border with Kenya. How many countries have borders with Tanzania?

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Megan Bayliss and Paul Martin said...

What a BRILLIANT exercise. We'll join you in the fun of learning. I've got to shoot off to Brisbane for a few days but when I'm back (next Mon) we'll get right into this.

I suggest you submit this to the Home Schooling Carnival because it is a terrific way for kids to learn the countries. You can find the link and the next edition info on my home schooling site.

Stay safe Gillian and talk again on Monday.

Megan Bayliss said...

Dear Oh Dear. Sorry Gillian, I was logged into the wrong account when I responded to this. You can find the link to the Carnival of Home Schooling through my sons site accessed from this account.

I've tried to delete the previous comment because it's not a public blog but I can't get rid of it. Sorry Gillian.

Ann said...

This was a good exercise, Gillian. I got 35 on my first go! Not too bad, but I forgot about the islands and a couple of the smaller countries.

Gillian said...

Thanks Megan, I found the link and submitted a the site to the Home Schooling Carnival.

Ann - that's a great score! The islands are tricky. I also tripped up on the correct names for some countries - like the two Congos.

I think I'm going to be a better person when the Dark Contintent isn't so dark for me!

Megan Bayliss said...

WOW. That was great fun. Boy and I got 29 (I helped him). It seems you also have to spell the countries correctly which makes this a great all rounder as an educational game.

Although we often hear the names of countries we really had no idea where they were in relation to each other.

I was born and grew up in Papua New Guinea so I found a great teachable moment to help Boy remember Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Guinea. PNG has three words and there are three Africian countries containing the word Guinea.

This was cool. Thanks Gillian.

Gillian said...

I did it a second time and got a score of 40 -- a big improvement on my original 25 -- except that this time I forgot Uganda, which I got the first time.

We've been having fun trying to name the countries around the coastline... Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal... etc...

When we look at different ways of ordering things, it helps them to stick in our memories. What other memory-aids can we use?

Gillian said...

Today my score was 52. I missed three that I got yesterday -- Mauritania, Mauritius, and Togo.

This countdown exercise does not quite match the map I have used. The map shows two Congos, but the countdown accepts only one.

I'm quite pleased cos it means that I have now learnt all 53 names. I just can't quite recall them all at the same time!

I'll keep going.

Gillian said...

Ooops, can't count! Yesterday my score was 50 not 52.

Today my score was ... 50! I missed a different 3 countries. What does this say about my memory?

One more try and then I'll leave it.

Sebastian said...

This was quite a challenge. It was a little frustrating that it didn't want to take some of the ways I'd typed names in. But a good refresher of the depths of my ignorance.

Eugenia said...

ilThanks for providing such quality and informative information. I love taking your challange. I know more about the locations and names than ever befor.