Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Excellence again!

The second group of St Jude’s students blitzes the exams.

The results have been announced for the second group of St Jude’s students to complete the Standard 4 national exams in Mathematics, Science, English, Kiswahili and Social Studies.
In the previous year when 27 St Jude’s students sat the exam, they excelled — Esuvat was placed first in the district of 17,000 students (you can read about her here) and several St Jude’s students placed in the top 10 students in the district. A fantastic achievement for these children from the poorest homes!

In the recent exams in 2006, 123 St Jude’s students sat the exam – an extra 100 students, but the School doesn’t seem to mind that kind of challenge. And how did they do? They were fantastic! The students had an average of 90% which placed the School of St Jude as second amongst 200 schools in the district.

Gemma says:
We owe a huge congratulations to all teachers and staff who worked so hard because getting an extra 100 students ready for the exams is no mean feat at all. We are still waiting from the Education office for the list of students who did best out of the 17,000+ candidates.

Here is a photo of the five students who did the best from St Jude’s – scoring over 245 out of 250.

Mr Nestory, Academic Master, standing proudly with students Elizabeth, Arnold, Jovanesta, Agnes, Blandina and Carolyn.

If you want to join the band of enthusiastic supporters who are giving these children from the poorest homes the chance to excel, you can become a sponsor by visiting the School website link. If you would like to give a small amount right now, just click on the Chipin tool on this page.

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