Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get to know Genofeva

Miss Genofeva is one of the teachers that I sponsor at the School of St Jude. She has been at the School since 2004, teaching Kinder and Prep classes, but this year she is the homeroom teacher for Class 1F and teaches Kiswahili in Standards 1 and 2.

Genofeva is a member of the Girls’ Affairs committee that helps female students address issues that specifically affect them. In addition, she is part of the Staff Support committee that provides peer support to teachers.

She is a very busy lady, because as well as teaching, she has a one-year old daughter and also cares for her four year old niece who was orphaned.

Her gentle spirit is evident in her care for others.

She says she is proud to work at The School of St Jude because she understands the importance of educating fellow Tanzanians who, due to poverty, haven’t been blessed with the opportunities she enjoys.

The School of St Jude relies on the professional knowledge and commitment of teachers like Genofeva to bring the best standard of education to children from very poor homes.

Your support for the school makes it possible for Tanzanians like Genofeva to build a better future for their country.

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