Monday, March 12, 2007

A day in the life of four women

8 March 2007 - Imagine that your main dream is finding enough food to feed your children every day and your hopes focus on returning to the home from which you were forced to flee. To mark International Women's Day, four African women tell us about their thoughts and their daily lives.

This World Food Programme website features a day in the life of four African women. It gives a wonderful parallel with the four women I profiled in my last post to this blog.

I encourage you to read these short accounts of these four women. We need to open our eyes and allow ourselves to see what the lives of others are like. When we stay busy with our own immediate concerns, we become blind to larger perspectives.

One of the women, Veronique Begimana from Burundi, says:
But without food or money it’s difficult to have hope for the future. Things don’t change very much for us. Life isn’t beautiful.

The School of St Jude in northern Tanzania serves the children of the poorest people, to provide them with quality education and give them hope for the future. Your contribution will help.

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