Friday, January 19, 2007

Got any library books to spare?

The School of St Jude will open a second school in 2008 and they are taking on another 170 new sponsored children each year. The current library will not be enough for the 850 students that we will have in 2007 ... and definitely not enough to fit out another two libraries!

Library books: seen on flickr

In a few weeks the Rotary Club of Rocklea will ship a container of goods to the school, as they have done with all the previous containers over the past 5 years.

The school is desperate for good library books and so if you can get the word out quickly then the container can have more books in it.

If you would like to help with books then you need to read the below guidelines:
  1. Firstly - thank you
  2. We ONLY need fiction and non-fiction primary and secondary library books. Class sets of English readers (any age) would also be good. Also stationery like good lead pencils, markers, chalk, exercise books, etc.
  3. We cannot take encyclopedias, textbooks and teacher resource books as we get the encyclopedias on CD and we buy all textbooks etc here as our local curriculum is very specific.
  4. Please only give library books for kids to borrow, and please think before giving them as we get many university level books or obsolete books that are of no use, even in Africa!
  5. Please remember that our people here are very proud and we expect only the best for them as you would for your child.
  6. If you have any nice, good, fun library books that children all over the world would love to read then please get them to the man below (please realise that Lloyd and his family and mates cannot pay for any cartage of books). The books must be delivered to the below address to be able to come to Africa.

Lloyd Fleming - PP The Rotary Club of Rocklea
154 McCullough St
Robertson, QLD, 4109

Fax: 07-3344-6851

Postal address
PO Box 530
Sunnybank, QLD, 4109


If you are unable to find/organise books for this shipment, perhaps you could spread the word through libraries you know (your school, a local library) and start collecting books that could be sent in the next container shipment later in 2007.

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