Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chipin donation tool

I have added the Chipin donation tool so that you, my interested readers, can contribute to specific projects at the school.

Addendum: I have taken it down till I get organised with Paypal. I thought it was 'go', but it wasn't. My apologies.

A couple of days later: I've sorted the issues with Paypal (they need professional Usability Testing for their website) and now Chipin is nestled resplendently at the top of the page. Have you added your mite?

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Amy said...

Hello Gillian, Thanks for the suggestion about the chip-in tool for my blog. So great to hear from you and to hear that you found my St Jude blog. I agree it is a wonderful school and an important effort to support in any way we can. I am thrilled that the school and the Smith Family Foundation are so pleased with the work Freda and I facilitated in December, and that we will be going back (in about 4 weeks!) for additional follow up with teachers. Hopefully just the beginning of ongoing work to support both school campuses in the coming years. Also, Freda and I are working with the Smiths to put on a fund-raiser for the school here in Kentucky, so we will hopefully see a new large cadre of donators and sponsors building in our part of the world. Keep in touch about your activities in support of St Jude, I will be adding to my blog as we continue the work in April, and I will also check in on your blog on a regular basis. Thanks again! AMY