Thursday, February 15, 2007

Not shoes but socks

The School of St Jude gets as many things as possible from the local area in Northern Tanzania. For example, the school uniforms that are provided for all students are made locally.

However, there are a few essential items that are just not available in Tanzania, and durable navy blue socks are one of those essentials.

The School supplies each child with two pairs of navy blue socks as part of their uniform, and stocks are running low! In January, the School accepted an additional 187 students who needed new socks. And of course the 700 kids already in the school need replacements.

In the past, all the hundreds of pairs of socks provided by the School have been brought in by visitors from abroad.

If you think you could buy a few pairs of ankle or knee length PLAIN NAVY socks for kids between 7 and 13 yrs old then the School would be so grateful! OR, if you know anyone who works for a sock distributor, the School would be happy to buy some socks.

To send a batch of socks to the School, send them an email and they will put you in touch with someone who is planning to visit.

Check out the School’s wishlist to see the range of items that are hard to source locally.

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