Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is the term used for good old fashioned word of mouth recommendation. When something is intrinsically good or clever, its users spread the word and tell others about it. The internet along with TV and radio have speeded up this process so much that word now spreads like exponentially, like a virus.

This blog is part of that process of spreading the word about the School of St Jude. After mentioning Amy's blog yesterday, I had a message from her saying how thrilled she and Freda are to be returning to the School in March-April.

She also said that she and Freda are working with the Smith Foundation to put on a fund-raiser there in Kentucky, so they hope to see a new large cadre of donators and sponsors building in that part of the world.

The result is that the enthusiasm of these two women will 'infect' many others, an infection that will be passed on others. Viral marketing. It only works with GREAT ideas and projects.

On the topic of great ideas that are becoming viral, check out this activist blog that supports the campaign to bring David Hicks home. It takes a clever visual idea that packs a powerful message - day after day.

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