Saturday, August 11, 2007

Meserani Snake Park

Arrive as a stranger, leave as a friend.

What a useful place this is! When you visit the Meserani Snake Park 20km west of Arusha on the road to the Ngorongoro Crater, you can see snakes, monitor lizards, tortoises and crocodiles,

you can take a camel ride, set up camp,

you can hang out at the famous ‘Pit’ bar,

you will be able to service your vehicle in the fully stocked workshop,

or take a guided tour,

check out the genuine local crafts (profits help to fund the medical clinic the Park runs for locals), or look through the Maasai Museum.

The Meserani Snake Park is a thriving tourist destination with some very useful services.

Check out some great visitor photos on the Fred Vos travel blog.

Here are some pictures of the hugely fun and educational day at the Park enjoyed by students from St Judes.

Miss Martha with some fierce Maasai warriors

The girls are just gorgeous!

Hands on learning!

All aboard for another Meserani experience!

It's great to see that children from the poorest families can have fun learning experiences through the very excellent School of St Jude. These kids are soaking it in and getting massive benefit from the opportunities offered through the efforts of School supporters world wide.

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