Monday, August 06, 2007

Baked green bananas and hot tamarind sauce

Here's Miriam's (Rose Kinunda) great website that features recipes for Tanzanian food.

You can find a recipe and get a taste of home, remember your visit to Tanzania, or experiment with something you've never tasted before. Recipes are in English as well as Swahili.

Hmmm... 'bananas and tamarind sauce' has caught my eye – now I know what to do with that jar of tamarind paste that is sitting in my cupboard.

Hot tamarind sauce.
•1/2 cup Natural tamarind paste,
•1 tsp hot peppers (reduce amount of pepper if you can’t handle spicy food)
•Water (if needed)

Check it out. I'm going to try the pilau next.

Happy cooking!

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