Friday, August 10, 2007

Bustling building site at Usa River

The latest newsletter from St Jude's shows the progress on the the Usa River site where a second school is being built.

When Gemma started the school in 2002 with 3 students, she had only one building that was started by a group of Australian Rotary volunteers. This year, she has two major building projects. The new school at Usa River is employing hundreds of local workers. There are 700 people on the payroll. This intense effort will mean that the whole school (classrooms, offices, hall, kitchen and boarding accommodation) will be ready for students in January 2008.

Here's the progress.
May 2007 – laying the foundations

Kim measures the admin storeroom

July 2007 – primary boys boarding house

July 2007 – classrooms going up

July 2007 – Classroom walls

Main structure of the school takes shape

The electrician and plumber supervise works

Amani (left) the electrican, who has been with the school since it started with 3 kids back in 2002. He is standing with the plumber, Robertson. Both are taking a moment to watch a concrete pour taking place. Their jobs are going to triple over the coming year and so will both have to take on more apprentices, etc.

The School of St Jude provides a good education for bright children from the poorest families. It also provides work and opportunity for local teachers, builders, cooks, drivers, mechanics and all the trades involved in building and running substantial education facilities. None of this would be happening without the passionate commitment of Gemma. And, of course, it depends entirely on your interest and generosity.

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