Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bill Clinton discovers the School of St Jude

When you follow events at the School of St Jude, you soon encounter the elegant determination and commitment of Kim who seems to be able to turn her hand to almost anything to do with building and promoting the School.

In Gemma’s recent newsletter (you can subscribe on the School website) Kim describes how she discovered that Bill Clinton would be visiting Arusha. Of course she immediately plotted ways to introduce him to the School.

Bill Clinton has established the Clinton Foundation, directed at improving the lives of African people in four ways:
  • HIV/AIDS Care
  • Climate Initiative
  • Mobilizing Action
  • Sustainable Development
Bill Clinton in Tanzania

What a wonderful way to direct his talents and leverage his network of valuable contacts. It is always especially interesting to see what powerful people do when they retire from their main job. Do they go off and play polo, or do they continue to contribute their talents in meaningful ways?

Kim was at the airport to meet a plane when she discovered that Bill Clinton was visiting Arusha. She says,
So Bill was in town and Susie knew his pilot, John! Phone calls to the right people, chats over drinks with the crew and we extracted a promise that the next day they would try to arrange a meeting with Bill at the airport just before he left, where we could hand him a copy of Gemma’s book and the school’s DVD and plonk a St Jude’s hat on his head (I chose the biggest size).

The plane left earlier than expected, but Kim managed to get the books, DVDs , AND the hat on board, and she had confirmation from from John that President Clinton was handed his copy on arrival in Spain the next morning. She said:

That was lucky – they were personally signed so we couldn’t have given them to anyone else ...

The photo shows Keren, Carter and Suzie on the tarmac with the St Jude’s goodies.

It’s great to take every opportunity to tell others about successful projects like the School of St Jude. Who can you tell today?

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