Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tanzanian Bloggers Association

What’s this? A Tanzanian Bloggers Association?

Yes, indeed it is. And of course, I’ve joined – because my blog is so focused on Tanzania.

Most (almost all?) the blogs in the Association are in Swahili, so if you speak Swahili, you’ll find lots to interest you here.

I can't join the discussions of other Jumuwatas, but they've welcomed me into the world of Tanzanian blogging. Global Voices does an occasional roundup of topics on Tanzanian blogs, so I keep in touch that way. Here is the Global Voices interview with Jeff Msangi, one of the main Tanzanian bloggers.

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JUMUWATA includes all languages. Soon everything will be much clearer. Dont hesitate to visit us or join us.We dont discriminate.Soon everything will be much clearer!