Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rent a Book Fundraiser

Here's my latest scheme! You can download this bookplate and stick it into any of your books. Then you lend the books, sell them, or give them away, and the books becomes a fundraiser for the School of St Jude.

Do you like this idea? Can you add these bookplates to your books? Go here to download the PDF file, then print it out and stick it into any of your books. [Right click the link and choose 'save as' to save the PDF file to your computer.]

Your borrowers can use the ChipIn widget on this blog to donate their book rental fees to the School of St Jude.

Get your books working for you! Better still – get them working to educate bright children from poor families in Tanzania.

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Megan Bayliss said...

I think the book plate is an excellent idea Gillian.

I've taken the liberty of naming you as a recipient of the Bloggers for Positive Global Change Meme. To see what I said about you and what you need to now do (if you choose and have time to), check out

Thanks for all you do for the kids at St Jude's Gillian. I am glad I stumbled across your blog.


Gillian said...

Ah, thank you Megan! I'm see that this meme originated from climate change activists. I'm a keen supporter of that cause, though I don't blog about it.

I'm especially enjoying our new car - a second hand Prius. As well as saving $1,000 pa in petrol costs, it's fun to drive and it feels like I'm making a difference!

I'll have a think about who to pass this on to. Thanks again for spreading the word about good things.