Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What did I give this month?

At the end of each month, I check my bank balance and decide what to give to the School of St Jude. I try to give a regular amount each month because everything runs better when income is fairly steady. It's hard to manage large fluctuations in cash flow!

I check out the sponsor page at the School of St Jude website and consider what I'll sponsor this month. Most often I make a general donation that will be used for building projects, fuel, computers and whatever!

This month I decided to sponsor internet access for two classrooms. This will support the computers and internet infrastructure in the school, and contribute to technology for the new school that is under construction on the Usa River campus – due to open next year.

Learning to touch type

These bright children from the poorest homes can really benefit from access to excellent resources. At the School of St Jude, they can be in touch with the rest of the the world. Educational resources developed in First World countries become available to teachers and students in the poorest countries through modern technology.

Lend your assistance to this well-run project in Tanzania by making a small donation using the ChipIn tool on this page, or visit the school website to become a sponsor.

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