Saturday, April 14, 2007

Latest news

The March newsletter for the School of St Jude is available on the school website.
I always enjoy the newsletter because it shows what is happening right now and includes lots of photos.

The big news this month is the schedule of book launch events in Australia from 20 April - 8 May. More details here.

The newsletter also shows the energy generated when a container load of ‘stuff’ arrives at the school.
It’s like Christmas in March.

The container was sent from Brisbane, thanks to the care and efforts of the Rotary Club of Rocklea. It travels two months at sea, waits a month on the hot dock in Dar es Salaam and then about 15 hours on the back of a truck across Tanzania to the School in Arusha.

When a container lands, every pair of hands within ‘cooee’ is available—this 40 foot container was offloaded in an hour !

. . . . . . . . . . .

On another note, I’m going to try to spend a little more time each day deepening my practice of gratitude. I thought I would use this blog to report a couple of small things each day that I feel genuinely grateful for. Here we go –
  1. Yesterday I particularly enjoyed working on the quilt I am making for Blanche. There’s a photo here of the applique in blue and green that I just finished.
  2. Right now the early sunlight is falling on the bushland outside my window and the lorikeets and other parrots are feeding noisily on nectar from gum tree flowers, camellias, etc.

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