Wednesday, May 09, 2007

To capture hearts and minds

Nothing captures hearts and minds as much as seeing a single person take on an awesome challenge. And the whole game lifts to another level when that challenge reaches out to others. Sports people take on great physical challenges to rise to peak performance and be better than others, and that is inspiring. But when someone pours all their talents and resources into establishing an education network in East Africa, it is more than inspiring – it captures our hearts and minds.

Sydney Morning Herald feature: 5 May 2007

Gemma's mission to fight poverty through education has been in the news here in Oz because of the book launch tour for St Jude's. Radio, TV and major newspapers have featured her and given her story their support. Last Saturday, the Sydney Morning Herald presented a major feature article, Lessons of Hope. The feature is entirely positive and it is clear that St Jude's has captured the heart and mind of Linda Morris who wrote the article.

So, be prepared to lose your heart and mind to the best aid project in Africa. Send your support and be part of this inspiring challenge. Fighting poverty through education.

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