Thursday, May 17, 2007

Milestones, big and small

Some milestones are so big that we throw a party and drink champagne. But every big milestone has many steps leading up to it, and these are worth celebrating too.

In her last newsletter, Gemma reported another of these noteworthy milestones.

It is so thrilling, to realise we are at a stage where our students are confident and competent enough to enter interschool academic competitions.

Last week, a group travelled to another English medium school in the district to pit their imaginations and grammar skills against others in their age groups in an Essay Competition.

As this was their first experience of this type of competition, they really did the school proud. There will be some Tanzanian literary stars of the 21st Century in the making here!

All these little steps are building capacities that will see the students and teachers of St Jude's becoming proficient at a world class standard. What a huge achievement this is in a country where, on average, girls can expect 5 years of schooling, whereas Australian girls can expect 20 years of schooling, according to a recent Save the Children report.

School supporters are glad to share each of these little steps, as well as the big milestones.

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