Saturday, December 30, 2006


The financial accounts of the School of St Jude are now online. They show that fundraising has doubled in the last year. In 2005 the school raised $547,213, and in 2006 the figure was $1,081,778.

Because the school is growing by 150 students each year, the fundraising target will increase each year until the building program is completed in 2012 when the school will have about 2000 students from kindergarten to Year 12.

Here is Angela Bailey, the first principal of the school with the three students who enrolled in 2002.

2002 - the school started with three students

And here are the students and staff in 2006.

2006 - the school has 700 students + 150 staff

Major expenses in 2006 were the purchase of 30 acres at Usa River for a second campus and the construction of the new 10 classroom block at the Moshono campus.

These large goals were achieved, thanks to growing support from worldwide networks.

Nothing succeeds like success, and this school is a great success story. No wonder donors are happy to contribute.

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