Friday, December 22, 2006

Builders, always the builders

Here we are, just days before Christmas. Australian school children have started their long summer holidays and Sydney traffic is easing.

The School of St Jude is on holiday too. Well, the kids are on holiday, but the builders, a constant presence on the site, are still hard at it.

The new secondary building at Moshono

This holiday, the builders are busy at work on both campuses – Moshono and Usa River. At Moshono, this beauty is under construction. It will have ten classrooms, two seminar rooms, two computer labs, staff rooms, offices and an amenities block!

Plans for the secondary building

This will be ready for use by 9 January 2007 when the new school year starts. In the longer term, this building will be for secondary students at the Moshono campus. But that won’t happen till 2009 when the Usa River campus is ready to accommodate three streams of each primary class.

A lot of planning, a lot of sheer hard work. An a lot of caring support from thousands around the world are bringing this school into existence.

As you share your Christmas festivities with loved ones, you can remember that the School of St Jude is one example of goodness and generosity in this world. Something to be grateful for.

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