Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No news day

Why is it so hard to find out what's going on in Tanzania? A trawl through international news sites like the New York Times, BBC, Guardian and Reuters rarely turns up any news about Tanzania.

That's because in Tanzania there is no Darfur genocide, no Zimbabwe inflation, no Nigerian murders of Colombian oilmen, no Congolese Ebola. I guess that Tanzania is a quiet corner of the world that is getting on with improving the way things are run.

I did discover that there was a regional trade forum in Tanzania last weekend where Donald Kaberuka, the president of the African Development Bank (AfDB) noted that many African economies are booming, with growth rates of 7%.

Donald Kaberuka

He said that 60% of AfDB's current loan portfolio goes to the core of the productive sector – energy, roads, irrigation, water and sanitation projects.

In the next loan period, the AfDB will have twice the internal funds to lend at low interest rates to support African development. International donors will add to this, giving countries even greater access to funds.

Donald Kaberuka is a very upbeat guy –
I'm very bullish about African economies over the next couple of years. What is important is for African countries to build on the current boom.

As usual, the good news doesn't make the headlines.

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dar.millionaire said...

You may be finding it hard to get news about Tanzania because you are looking in the wrong places.

Foreign based media like New York Times, CNN or BBC will give you only minimal coverage, often on the bad things or a condenscing view of Tanzania events.

You should be reading Tanzania based newspapers such as follows (to name a few):

Otherwise I commend you for your initiative to promote St. Jude School online. If you need any assistance getting connected to news sources in Tanzania let me know.

Gillian said...

Thanks for pointing at the Tanzanian newspapers, I had found some of them, but wasn't quite sure how they fitted in the picture. I also use AllAfrica and Topix.

I guess that I was feeling some regret that the international media gives such minimal coverage of Tanzania - and as you say, focuses on bad things. They also focus on things that aren't really to do with Tanzania but just happen to occur there - like the Anglican Church issue with gays.

Anyway, thanks for contributing dar.mill. I have no idea how to contact you, so I hope you feel free to contribute news and views from time to time.