Sunday, September 23, 2007

All-round education

The School of St Jude provides free education to 850 bright children from the poorest families in Arusha, Northern Tanzania. Starting with 3 students in 2002, the school has grown rapidly, thanks to the talents and energy of its founder, Gemma Sisia.

The School aims to provide a rounded education to these kids who would otherwise have little chance of getting even basic literacy in the over-crowded primary schools of Tanzania.

The School has already established a reputation for academic excellence through high performances in nationwide tests. As part of a rounded education, the school runs special interest clubs for sport, culture and academic interests.

A school concert allowed the special interest clubs to display, perform or describe what they have been doing all year. It was an enlightening, entertaining, funny and, in one instance, quite scary afternoon!

Drumming Club Performance

Mr Beda’s Drumming Club stole the show but managed to have half the audience screaming and running for the exits when this life-size voodoo doll stalked onto the stage!

School days can be challenging, but they can be lots of fun too!

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