Saturday, November 11, 2006

One good meal a day

I love the school hall at St Judes! I have followed its progress through the regular newsletters and watched it emerge from bags of cement to a useful space like this. It really 'clicks' for me because it is the same kind of open air hall as I am familiar with in North Queensland – Ingham to be exact. It's really just a roof because it is open to the air on all sides.

This hall tells me that Gemma and her team who are developing the school are immensely practical and efficient. They REALLY make the most of each donated dollar.

What huge challenges they have faced. How squarely they have faced them. You start off thinking you'll just run a school – and within a year or two you find you are also running a kitchen for 700 people. Of course you don't HAVE a kitchen, but you see that the children need to be fed, and sooner is better than later, some are severely malnourished. So, you start feeding them – a team of cooks working outdoors with vast cooking pots.

When you start a school for the poorest children, you become their lifeline to more than just an education.

In a subsistence economy like Tanzania the government collects very little tax revenue. Education simply doesn't happen without significant outside support. The School of St Jude is one place where your support will make a difference – you can fight poverty through education by supporting the School of St Jude.

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